Servicing a Watch


Once you have made an enquiry, we contact you to complete a £500 holding deposit. You will then need to send the watch to our service centre, or drop it off at our office on a appointment basis only at request. We will send you a final quote after the manufacturer inspection (please note this can take 3-6 weeks), this is so that you can give us authorisation to begin your watch repair or service. The work will be completed by the manufacturer-accredited watchmakers using brand-approved tools and machinery. Once complete, your watch will be passed to quality control for a rigorous inspection. Then, once you have made full payment of any agreed costs, your watch will be returned to you (alternative options available on request).

We send all our watches directly to the manufacturer on your behalf if you so wish, a watch service typically takes 3-6 weeks—dependant on the availability of parts—from the date you give us the go-ahead to service upon receipt of the manufactures report.

Servicing A Watch

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