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Chrono Guard

Chrono Guard

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We are excited to give you the best security for your luxury watch at HK.R from Hong Kong, in collaboration with our partners in Asia and Europe (Chrono Guard UK).


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Chrono Guard

To provide your watch with unparalleled safety, we use only the best ultra thin anti-scratch polyurethane film (USA TPU; JAPAN TPH) coated with the latest nano-liquid technology.

We painstakingly analyze each watch using the latest 3D scanning technique to produce a blueprint that serves as the basis for our stickers, ensuring that the film suits your watch perfectly. We then utilise laser cutting technology to cut the stickers to micrometre accuracy, completely safeguarding your prized timepiece for years to come.

Who are we?

Chrono Guard is a United Kingdom based watch accessory firm that pride ourselves in being synonymous with quality and ensuring a continuous variety of fantastic timepieces protector films along with unique rare editions that fit any discerning individual. We understand that watch polishing is necessary to remove scratch marks. However often times the gloss is lost when polished. That is where Chrono Guard steps in, just by attaching our protector films, you can prevent clasp swirling and lug scratches while still maintaining the original integrity of your watch!

Collectors wish to keep their watches in scratch free condition and Chrono Guard is there to preserve your luxury watch and offer their customers a genuine experience. We believe in excellent product quality and durability to protect your watches from different circumstances. We only deliver the best watch protector films for your satisfaction.

Why choose us?

Each Chrono Guard watch protection kit is custom-fitted to a specific watch model using the latest 3D scanning technology. The laser cut film is easy to apply in the comfort of your own home. Enjoy comprehensive protection against accidental scratches, dents, and more.

The polyurethane film used in Chrono Guard kits is treated with a nano top coat. The coating’s compact structure prevents the formation of scratches to preserve a pristine appearance.

Chrono Guard protection kit is designed to be installed at ease. The protector gives good amount of buffering time for you to adjust the position of the film. Dip, stick and wait for it to dry then your watch is well protected.

Wear-and-tear is one of the biggest causes for depreciation of your investment. Chrono Guard film safeguards the value of your prized possession for many years to come.


How do you apply the film?

The installation of Chrono Guard watch protection film is not as complicated as you might think. Follow the instructions in the video and your watches will be protected in just 30 minutes.

1. Clean watch surface thoroughly with soapy water then let dry completely.
2. Spray your watch with clean water using a spray bottle.
3. Using a tweezer, remove a piece of the watch protection film from its backing sheet.
4. Submerge the protection film completely in clean water mixed with one or two drops of clear dish washing liquid or hand soap.
5. Adjust the film until it is perfectly aligned with the corresponding watch section.
6. Remove any excess moisture by dabbing it with a microfibre cloth, then wait one minute for the film to achieve complete adhesion.
7. Continue the process with the rest of the protection film, and voila, your watch is now ready for its next adventure.

For optimal results, let the film dry for 24 hours before wearing your Chrono Guard-protected timepiece. Any residual moisture on or under the film will dissipate within 5-7 days through natural evaporation process.

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